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Feliciter Kiadó Kft.

Feliciter Kiadó Kft.

Hungary, Nyíregyháza
Mr. Viktor Kováts, office manager

About Us

We are a Publishing House in Hungary (called Feliciter Publishing Ltd.), and publish business magazines in different languages, (nowadays in German, Romanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Polish and Slovakian) for a long time (more than 20 years). The topics/articles in these magazines are about the bilateral economical cooperation between the destination country (Germany or Slovakia, etc.) and Hungary, and about the economy of Hungary. Our authors are the economical diplomats, officers of ministries, etc. and of course ourselves. Our German language magazine – BRÜCKE zu Ungarn – appears 2 times a year (for the 1st and 2nd half of the year), and distributed by the economical diplomats of Hungary (in Berlin, Münich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Vienna and sometimes Bern), and during great fairs from the trade press corners at the mentioned countries. Our magazines are distributed from the official stands of Hungary during fairs, too. Our Slovakian magazin is published once a year, and distributed by the economical diplomats, chambers and during great fairs. All of our magazines can be read online, e.g. here:, but every language magazine has its own issuu site, too e.g. BRÜCKE zu Ungarn here:

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We should like to find partners, to advertise in our magazines,. We should like to find partners, who are interested in cooperating with Hungarian companies- we can suggest partner companies from our database for them. We can offer our knowledge and capacitiy in editing and printing different booklets, magazines, books.


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