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BJ Energy s.r.o.

BJ Energy s.r.o.

Slovakia, Žilina
Mr. Jozef Bubica, owner
Mr. Milan Chromik, manager

About Us

BJ Energy s.r.o. was established in 2008. Its core activities were focused on the development and production of heating boilers and equipment for the energy sector. The company has won several awards for its products. One of the awards is the prize for an innovative product awarded by the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Prof. Ing. Ing. Lubomir Jahnatek CSc. at the Engineering Fair in Nitra. BJ Energy s.r.o. was also involved in research and development activities, particularly in the field of alternative energy sources. One of the key international activities was the cooperation within the E2BEBIS project co-financed under the ERDF fund. With partners from Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland, we participated in the project of implementation of standards for biochar in the region of Central Europe. As part of the project, we have developed feasibility studies for biochar technologies in several production areas, structurally in industry and in agriculture, which was followed by the expansion of our company's production portfolio with new technologies focused on biochar. Production activities Laser beam cutting - The laser is suitable for cutting materials up to a thickness of 10 - 15 mm, especially for soft steel, steel alloys, aluminum and its alloys, but also non-metallic materials. The cutting process is highly efficient and accurate, with smooth cutting edges. Waterjet cutting is suitable for different types of materials. Thanks to the cold cut, this method can also cut heat-sensitive materials such as wood, thermoplastics, laminates and more. The multilayer materials can also be separated by a water jet. Cutting does not cause micro-cracks. At the same time it allows efficient use of the material as the cutting width is between 0.1 and 1.5 mm. No harmful fumes are produced during cutting, so it is environmentally friendly. Other activities: - Turning; - Folding; - Milling; - Manual Metal Arc (MMA) is a manual arc welding method using coated welding electrodes; - Tungsten Inert Gass (TIG) or TIG (Wolfram Inert Gass) is a welding method that is a welding process that utilizes the heat released from the ignited arc maintained between the non-melting electrode (tungsten) and the welded part; - Metal Inert Gas - Metal Active Gas (MIG - MAG) is a welding method where the additive material is continuously fed to the weld site by the feed device. Production portfolio Steel constructions Our production portfolio also includes production of steel constructions. Our supplied structures serve customers throughout Slovakia. We use many years of experience in the field of iron processing, production of technological lines and other production activities. Trays The cartridges are used to store and pre-load bulk material to spell for some line components. Their volume capacity is not limited, it depends on the requirements of the production process of the line, or on the volume of the stored product in this case of pellets. The container sizes used in the line concept has range from 0.5 m3. Cyclone separators with fan They serve for suction of fine and non-sticky contaminated air for industrial purposes. In the cyclone separator, solid particulate matter with the aid of a guide gives rotation so that the solid particles rotate at high speed around the periphery of the shell, where solid particles are separated by friction, reduced circumferential velocity and gravity. The cyclone separator is made from sheet steel with a high-quality coating ensuring long life. The manufacturer recommends to protect the device against the weather by roofing.

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