Business forum V4 and Austria 2019
GRISSP, j.s.a.

GRISSP, j.s.a.

Slovakia, Vranov nad Topľou
Mr. Stanislav Levársky, CEO
Mr. Peter Bauko, CTO

About Us

We have the passion to do the research and development of Pandora - The first complex Smart and secure IoT platform to bring order, logic, and clarity of points of difference to the jumbled IoT platform market. Pandora - The Smart and secure IoT platform enables to: - Collect streaming and batch data from any source - Build automated data flows to transform, analyze and integrate using pre-built modules and connectors - Enrich, clean, prepare and normalize the data - Make Big Data small with advanced filtering, aggregation, and compression - Move processed and analyzed data continuously to IT infrastructure or dashboard - Build applications with an easy drag-and-drop designer make innovation easy and faster than ever - Add Machine Learning models to detect outliers and anomalies in real-time with standard or custom algorithms - Configure business rules and conditions triggers - Build drag-and-drop real-time dashboards to analyze data and control devices - Create notification systems, including warnings and alarms Simplify the ongoing management of all IoT devices in the ecosystem - Secure the data and devices with unsupervised Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence security solution Pandora is optimized to be embedded into a broad range of IoT gateways for maximum efficiency and speed, but our unique platform agnostic architecture allows implementations on any standard IT infrastructure or in the cloud.

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  • ICT
GRISSP, j.s.a.

Vranov nad Topľou




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